ARC ~ All Rubbish Cleared ~ARC ~Waste Removal & House Clearance Service ~ Cheaper Than a Skip ~


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Comparing Quotes? Here are 10 points to consider.


  1. Does the Company hold a valid Waste carriers License?

  2. Will your items (where applicable) be recycled or donated

  3. Will your Quote suddenly increase once the truck is loaded

  4. Will you be greeted by polite friendly Rubbish collectors?

  5. Are the staff CRB Checked?

  6. Does the company hold Public Liability Insurance?

  7. Can you pay via Bacs or Card?

  8. Are you paying VAT When you don't want to?

  9. Is the service flexible?

  10. Will your waste go where it is supposed to?

Because with ARC You get all of the above & more!!